What to Expect When Working for a Nurse Staffing Agency

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Starting a new job in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area can be scary for anyone, even if it is an awesome one. Working for a nurse staffing agency is an exciting role but can seem mysterious to new employees. Even understanding how to enter this career field can be confusing. Fortunately, it’s just like other jobs in several ways. 

Start by checking out talking to an agency representative or checking out the website for open opportunities that fit your background and requirements.  Ours can be found here.  After you have found opportunities that fit your skills and interest, your resume is reviewed and approved, it’s time to take a few online quizzes to evaluate your nursing skills. Next, an interview with the nursing agency takes place, sometimes followed by additional screening by the client. 

Luckily, this process doesn’t take as long as it sounds, often concluded in as soon as 9 days from the time the application is received. After the interview, the nurse staffing agency evaluates and tries to find the right candidate for their existing needs. If that’s you, congratulations! However, even if you’re not hired for a particular job, a good staffing agency will keep your application active in their system in order to keep you in mind for potential and other existing opportunities.

Once completed, you can finally enjoy the celebration dinner you’ve been waiting for. Whether you’re new to the hiring process or just accepted your first offer, after reading this blog, you’ll feel confident in understanding the role of working for a nurse staffing agency!

More Money 

This job has a variety of benefits, and higher pay is just one of them. Since term assignments are shorter, you can earn up to 50% more income. The ability to earn more money is just one of the reasons to look forward to your first day! 

More Responsibility 

With more money comes more responsibility. As an employee for a medical staffing agency, you’re expected to report weekly time and attendance for work at your assigned facility. While this doesn’t take long, it requires more responsibility than the average nursing job. On the bright side, your gaining new skills such as discipline and trustworthiness that’ll benefit you in the long run. 

More Time 

Shifts are typically 12 hours, so be sure to wear your comfiest shoes and come caffeinated. These longer shifts fly by and will be over before you know it. Also, the unconventional hours mean less time in Atlanta traffic. Plus, the higher pay makes 12-hour shifts more appealing. 

More Demanding 

Longer shifts and more responsibility create for a more demanding job. Working for a nurse staffing agency requires determined nurses who aren’t afraid of challenging work. On the bright side, working in a demanding field ensures personal satisfaction at the end of the day. 

More Travel 

Since you’re not tied down to any one facility, you can live out all your traveling dreams. The nurse staffing agency will find you a placement doing what you love while experiencing other Georgia cities. Housing may seem like a restraint at first as most leases run for a year, but ongoing contracts between apartment complexes and nursing staffing agencies allow you to find the appropriate housing. 

More Freedom 

Another positive to working for a nursing staffing agency is the freedom you have as an employee. You hold the ability to work when and how you want. Most jobs don’t offer this sort of freedom, so adjusting to it may take some time, but eventually, you’ll feel more power in your position.  

More Security 

Feel prepared, safe, and comfortable in your new role as an employee of a nursing staffing agency. Another great factor of this career field is the benefits that agencies offer. Since the agency is your employer, you will receive health insurance and benefits. 

Working for a nurse staffing agency offers more rewards and responsibility than typical nursing jobs. If more money, freedom, and stability interest you, contact Staff Relief Inc. today to learn more about working for us.

Honey Bryant, RN

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