Pros and Cons for Working for a Nurse Staffing Agency

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The Pros and Cons of working for a nurse staffing agency in Georgia

There’s no question that no matter what time you enter the job market, the call for nurses is always in high demand. But you have options as you look for nursing jobs in the Atlanta metro area. One option is to work with a nurse staffing agency, such as Staff Relief. While this might not be the path for every nurse, it offers a number of benefits that differ from working as a permanent staff nurse. Here are some of the pros — as well as some of the cons — to working for a nurse staffing agency in Georgia.

Pro: Flexible Scheduling

The first and foremost benefit of working for a nurse staffing agency is that you have more freedom when it comes to your hours. Permanent staff nurses may find themselves locked into a busy schedule and may struggle to find work/life balance. If you have commitments outside of work, such as family or organizations that you’re a part of, the freedom to make your own schedule and choose your own hours can be vastly appealing.

Con: Hours and Availability Are Changeable

The flip side of flexible scheduling is that your hours are not guaranteed. You may find that you need to pick up a shift and there isn’t one available. Though it’s rare, as most contracts and per diem shifts are planned weeks or even a month in advance, there may be a last minute change to the schedule that means working when you thought you’d have the day off or vice versa. You may have a shift in the morning for one job and a shift in the evening for the next. However, long-term contracts — sometimes lasting between 6-17 weeks — help to add a little stability so that it’s not all up in the air.

Pros and Cons working with a Nurse Staffing Agency in Georgia: Scheduling Flexibility
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Pro: Higher Hourly Pay Rate

Higher pay is always a big draw to any job. Nurses who work for medical staffing agencies are typically paid higher hourly rates than nurses on a permanent staff. If your pay is higher and you’re able to be a little more flexible with your monthly budget, you can even further enjoy the benefits of flexible scheduling that come with working as a per diem nurse for a medical staffing agency. Plus, per diem nurses are able to write off job expenses such as meals, lodging, and transportation when it comes time for taxes.

Con: In a New Location

One thing you do lose to an extent as a per diem nurse with a medical staffing agency is the sense of familiarity. On a permanent staff, you quickly learn the ins and outs of the location, as well as the specific protocol and even the patients you may deal with. However, working per diem means that you’ll be traveling to new locations, each with their own protocols and different nurses. You have to adjust to suit each place where you may find yourself working, but you might also find yourself working multiple shifts at the same place and becoming slowly familiar with it.

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Pro: New Experiences

You can also flip that particular drawback into a positive. Some nurses like a little variety in their work schedule. Too much of the same can start to feel stale. As a per diem nurse, you have the opportunity to travel and meet new people in a way that you don’t as a staff nurse. If you like to embrace new experiences, working with a medical staffing agency could be an exciting adventure. 

Ultimately, it’s important to do your homework and make sure that working for a medical staffing agency is right for you. For nurses looking for flexibility, the opportunity for higher pay, and new experiences, however, working for a medical staffing agency in Atlanta can be very rewarding. Interested? Contact Staff Relief, Inc. today for more information.

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