Why Medical Facilities Should Use a Staffing Agency in Georgia

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Using a medical staffing agency in Georgia is the best way to save money and time while employing experts in the medical field. In the Atlanta metro area, finding the perfect fit for the position could take months and cost you much more in the long run. By employing a medical staffing agency in Georgia, you’re secure in knowing that you have knowledgeable and reliable staff ready at any time. The benefits of hiring a contract healthcare provider outway any doubt you may have about trying this unique approach to finding high-quality employees. 

In-Demand Skills 

Medical staffing agencies assure all contract employees are equipped with in-demand skills. Since they’re switching locations frequently, they practice their skills in a variety of environments, which prepares them for any situation. Likewise, medical staffing agencies require applicants to withgo a serious hiring process so that the nurses who come out to your job are high-quality nurses. So, by working with a medical staffing agency, you’re sure to have the best employees in Georgia. 

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Every health care center experiences slow and busy seasons. Medical staffing agencies allow you to have extra help when you need it most. For the most part, agency nurse shifts are planned out anywhere from a week to months in advance so that staffing agencies can ensure that the right nurse for the job is sent out. However, in the event that you suddenly find yourself in need of more nurses on staff, a staffing agency is able to fill those needs. Having extra help on busy days makes a world of difference in the healthcare field.

Lower Overall Costs

We know it sounds too good to be true, but you can also save money working with a medical staffing agency. Health care centers often don’t realize the costs associated with finding new employees. Costs like liability insurance, pre-employment testing, and background checks are taken care of by the medical staffing agency. Even administration costs are reduced as this task is performed by the staffing agency.

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Shift Liability 

Never worry about someone not showing up for a shift again. Working with a medical staffing agency relieves that stress. In just a ring, you can have the help you need using a contract nurse. Staffing agencies allow healthcare providers to focus on care delivery stress-free. Work with a medical staffing agency to ensure you’ll never be understaffed again. 


Just as finding excellent employees is difficult, so is keeping them. You can cut down on turnover and employee burn out by providing additional support by using a staffing agency. Agency nurse support contracts can be by the day or last for several months, and if a nurse is a particularly good fit for your facility, you can renew the contract so as to keep them on staff long term. By doing so, you can increase employee morale while cutting turnover costs. 

Finding staff is a hassle that you shouldn’t have to worry about. Save your resources by relying on Joint Commission-certified Staff Relief Inc. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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