How to Choosing the Right Medical Staffing Agency

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There are many Medical Staffing Agencies in Georgia and it can be difficult to choose the right agency. While all companies have their positives, there are a few things you should be on the lookout for when choosing the perfect agency. These tips describe the ideal medical staffing agency that’ll have you excited to start the job hunt!

Tip 1 – A Knowledgeable Medical Staffing Agency

When choosing the right medical staffing agency in Georgia for you, it’s essential to choose an agency that is familiar with the area and local staff in Georgia. Since the medical staffing agency will be sending you to a variety of facilities, you want to feel secure in their decision. In order to feel confident, you need a knowledgeable staff who can give you a clear idea of what to expect from the clinical setting and workload. The medical staffing agency should be well versed in medical terminology so they can fully describe the job you’re about to take. By choosing a knowledgeable staff, you gain a sense of security and excitement when arriving for your first day at a new facility.

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Tip 2 – The Staffing Agency’s History

Checking a medical staffing agency’s track record is another way to discover if it’s the right agency for you. One way of learning more about the culture of a company is by examining their website. Often, websites will feature quotes or reviews from current employees, as well as clients. While it’s helpful to examine staff reviews, reading experiences from clients can also give you a better idea of the agency’s reputation. It’s also a good idea to take a look at their social media and external review sites to get a fuller picture.

Tip 3 – Transparency in Pay

Transparency is key when looking for a medical staffing agency, especially in pay. Nurse pay can be presented in ways that are confusing. Compensation can consist of a base rate, benefits, expense reimbursements, travel allowances, and bonuses. These are often used like a shell game to make it harder to understand the average hourly rate. Since working as a medical contractor offers competitive pay, it’s vital to choose a medical staffing agency that is honest when it comes to payroll. The contrast in a transparent agency versus a deceitful agency makes, not only, a financial difference, but also, a quality of career difference.

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Tip 4 – Benefits

When finding the right agency for you, reflect on what you want and find an agency that fits your needs. If healthcare benefits are important to you, you want to ensure that the staffing agency you choose has ACA compliant benefits available. Keep in mind, healthcare benefits are expensive. Staffing firms that offer these benefits as part of your compensation package may offer a  lower take home pay to cover these costs. 

Tip 5 – Joint Commission Certification

If the agency you’re thinking about applying to is Health Care Staffing certified by the Joint Commission, then feel safe in submitting your application! Medical staffing agencies that have the Health Care Staffing certification are among the elite of medical staffing agencies. To gain certification, agencies must deliver the highest standard of service and receive approval by the nation’s top accreditor, the Joint Commission. Having this certification exemplifies an outstanding medical staffing agency.

Tip 6 – The Right Fit

As it’s important for the agency to like you, it’s just as important for you to like the agency. Choosing a medical staffing agency that fits your personality makes a world of difference in your career. By understanding how you perform best, you can choose a company that fits you. In the Health Care Staffing industry, there are staffing agencies who use exciting technology that, on the surface, seems to make work easier. However, the onus is often on the medical professionals to manage their own data. Other staffing agencies are more hands-on and personal, taking some of that pressure off. It’s crucial to ask yourself what’s meaningful to you when choosing the perfect staffing agency in Georgia.

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By incorporating these 6 tips into finding the right medical staffing agency for you, you can confidently start the agency hunt. Start your search here by contacting Staff Relief, Inc. today to learn more!

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